Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Little Piece of Past and I've Just Realize About It

It's been so long, and i've just realize about it.
I love when you laugh loudly and freely. And it's absolutely right, with no doubt. I've ever heard a little piece about your childhood. I love about every fool things you did when you were a kid, as a plain son.

If I had met a kind of unadorned, plain and pure face before, maybe I wouldn't feel so amazed and grateful like this. It makes me so wonder and want to dig deeply more about you.

I love when you said that you couldn't bear to shed your tears when your mom used to sing really touching and beautiful song until you fall asleep.

In other side, I really feel there were a lot of amazing, beautiful, unforgettable stories made you felt comfort around the family in your childhood.

There is no reason how I feel so proud and a little bit desire when I remember and dream about these funny things.

Thanks for making me conscious to be a real woman..

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