Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dear Diary.. Dear You :(

Life is not a static thing. It's dinamicly move. Changes and movements are always be a part of it. Every/ most of people said it just like a wheel. Sometimes we get our turn to the bottom of a wheel. But there must be a time we get out chances to be on the top of it.

And at this moment, I realize that my love story is just placed on the bottom side. I feel it isn't like as usual. I feel it's getting hard right now. I just don't know how to figure it. I don't have any experience enough to solve troubles like these.

You show me how to be a person that full of attentions. Quietly, I learned it from you, and I've tried to give it to you, but it didn't work so well. You just got angry. You didn't realize at all that I've done it just for you. You asked me to do/ find my own way to keep you safe. But I still don't know what to do, every ways I try, you just got angry.

Okay. I give up. Honestly I give up. Sorry. I just don't and never want to make our relationship worse just because of our misunderstanding. I give up to ask you do anything, so I let you do everything you want. I often don't think about every mistakes you've made, even it's a little hurt for me, but it's okay just because I want you to be happy. And throw away your anger.

Every you do/ make any mistakes, you know I often never think about it deeply. Cause I know no one is perfect. And it's not such a big problems. I hope you realize that I do it all just for you. I do it above all just because I love you, and I never want you to go and leave me.

Sometimes when I got angry, I just remember our happy memories. The way I got you. The way we laugh. I listen to the song that reminds me, you know Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing, it's really remind me about you.

I might be looking so strange and never care about you. But behind me, actually there are so much things I wanna explain.

I never mean to do vengeance to you. I just want you to know and realize. Maybe, you don't realize actually what I feel inside. But I know, there must be a time you're gonna feel it. I am sorry, forgive me if I still can not show or prove how much I love you by the way you want. But please understand me. Please realize how much I love you. How deep my love for you.

 Sincerely for the one I call my miracle, Doni Galih Tri N (@Donnie_Galih

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