Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Little Pieces of Miracle

One night in one day, my neighbor she's called Mrs. R came to my house. I could tell you that she's really interested in talking about the entire of religion commonly. She always tell, explain or moreover teach people around her how to pray to Him really sincerely. I don't know how can she got and learned about it. Amazing!

Then she also told me about so many things about God and His miracles. So that's why in this post I want to share things that I have got or things that I have to do.

As we know, everything that we've got whether a job, money, salary or whatever is a gift from God. Never say that those things/ gift that we have are from us. It means that we can earn all of them by our selves. Never!
In other way, don't or never say that all we have got like our success are from our cleverness! Every things are a way, Godsend, gift from God.
- Keep praying and trying. Because those are our responsibility. An aphorism sounds: Ora et Labora
- Be kind to all of the people.
- Give every kind of things that we have to Him
- Let them flow like a river, maybe it can bring us to a place where we can find so many opportunities
- Never feel your regret. Don't sigh.

Be sure that everything that had happened is God desire. And as we all know, He absolutely know which is better or maybe the best way for us.

For the money problem:
1.       Never or don't count how much money, salary or income that we've got often. Just be grateful, pray and wish so those money can be used and enough for us.
2.       Do charity often as much as you can.
3.       Don't be afraid if your money is running out of you. (For positive things)
4.       Always help everyone who need help as you can.
5.       Be grateful for all that we must face. Because they are the answers from God that can guide us. After praying and trying.
6.       See every case in front of us from the positive side.
7.       Keep fighting!

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